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Qualifications-Based Selection Resource Center


In 1972, Congress adopted the Brooks Act (P.L. 95-582), requiring the use of Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) for the procurement of architect and engineering services. The use of QBS ensures that federal agencies — and the taxpayer — receive highly technical architect and engineering services from the most experienced and most qualified firms at a fair and reasonable cost. QBS is used by all federal agencies, 46 state governments, and many localities throughout the country. It works because:

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AR Agency Forum

Download the State Agency  Forum Brochure
Download the State Agency Forum Brochure

The ACEC Arkansas Agency Forum is less than three weeks away!

The ACEC Agency Forum was created not to simply keep members informed on policy changes, but as an opportunity to build relationship with key personnel within the various agencies.  Please see the message, below, from Steven Beam.
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